What is our vocation?

The "orthomolecular nutrition" is a high hand technique based on Doctor Linus Pauling (Nobel price of Chemistry ins 1954 and 1962) theory.

The term "orthomolecular" means "perfect molecule" in the sense that it is "biologically right for the human body and therefore not recognised by it as a foreign entity"; in opposition to drugs and medicines created chemically or synthetically. According to Doctor Linus this technic will therefore allow our body to fully absorb the actives substances without any side effect which are inevitable with the synthesis process.

In this regard, it is essential to create formulas based on plants, minerals, trace elements which can be found in our natural eco-system. Therefore the raw materials used must be of the highest quality.

In this short film, you will be able to discover the laboratory, specialised in capsules manufacturing.

The perfect balance between high-hand technology and expertise.

The quality of our raw material is our first preoccupation and we can guaranty for all your orders:

✓ Formulas based on plants, minerals, trace elements highten the effects of the active subtances
✓ The utmost importance for the quality of our raw material and their traceability

✓ Regular double-check of raw material

✓Active substances preservation

✓Extra refined OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6

✓ Capsules made with fish gelatin
✓ Mineral (AA chelates) in organic form (Bisglycinates)

✓Standardized plant extracts

✓Chemotype essential oils

✓ Organic excipient (Ecocert)

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